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Hi Everyone,

I’m stuck on what seems like a basic growing procedure and that is checking the water for PH.  This is a step I have been skipping because I thought you could simply allow the tap water to sit for a couple of days to vent (I guess) chlorine, and then use Recharge and everything would be hunky-dory.  Unfortunately I’m running into issues like what the heck I’m supposed to do with CalMag and I’m gathering that there’s all sorts of checks that are required not just of water input, but also the water that emerges from the pot after watering.  Some time ago we purchased a meter that was supposed to tell us whether or not the plants required water; it looks exactly like a PH meter and we found out that the water meter is actually no good.  This is one of the reasons that the Recharge method really appealed to me and made sense.

What I am concluding and please correct me because I’m totally lost is that: In fact the water on both ends of the plant need to be tested for PH and PPM.  I’m guessing that the Recharge is still then a good idea; I guess the plants like it and I like Scotty of course, so we’ll keep on using it if it’s making life good for our plant’s roots and Scotty’s enterprise.

What I’m wondering is:  When we next visit our neighborhood grow shop, what do I need to purchase to accomplish the above testing regimen?   I’m assuming that there will be how-to instructions included with the products.   Secondly, what to do with the data gleaned from the testing:  Should it be compiled and charted for each plant to study trends etc… or something?

Thanks in advance and thanks for your patience with a new, but well-intentioned but completely lost and confused new grower; I feel like I missed a week of school.  My hope is there are others asking themselves the same questions and this will benefit them as well.

Many thanks again and very best wishes to all.  🙂