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Oh. My. Days.


Rel├íjate, mis hermanos. Growing the Dank just went next level. Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space. OK – So I live in the tropical tropics and my friend lives in drizzly, cold, wet, England. But we share tips and tricks and learn and grow together. So we took a punt on the Recharge. That Scotty could sell sand to the arabs. I have to wait for him to send stuff over but he fed his plants, whoops – fed his soil with Recharge. Two days later his head exploded. Mine arrived a few days ago. I sat my girls down and explained the treatment. I poured it gently upon their soil, t’was black as night and deep as eternity itself. I looked into the void and the void looked back at me. What wizardry is this Recharge you speak of? My girls, transformed in but two days and two nights, pure lusciousness, pure salubrious growth.. …the likes of which I have n’er before witnesses. VI VERI VENIVERSUM VIVUS VICI