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Whats up DGC ? I have a story for ya. I was in my back yard smoking some G.G.#4 I recently harvested. Pic enclosed. When out the corner of my eye, i see a groundhog and a skunk walking towards my garden. Now i’m getting a little nervous when all of a sudden the skunk looks at me and says ‘We are not here to harm you we just want to look at your garden’. Now i’m freaked out that a skunk is talking to me when the groundhog asks ‘Why is your garden healthier and so much larger then your neighbors garden? So i tell them i use ‘Real Growers Recharge’ The skunk looks at the groundhog and says ‘Told you so’. I asked them if they would recommend Recharge and at the same time they both say ‘HELL YA’ Hope you all enjoyed. Keep smoking.