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What’s up Dude,Scotty,Guru and the DGC? I am running the full line of Nectar For The Gods in 3 gallon Smart Pots in soil,under a SK400 in a 4×4.Scott from Nectar suggests using his product in a feed schedule of feed, feed, tea, feed, feed, flush. I am using Recharge on the tea day’s. Iknow it’s recommended to use Recharge every 7-10 day’s.In 3 gallon pots,my plant’s usually require food/water every 3 day’s.So if I use Scott’s recommended schedule,my Recharge day’s will be farther apart than every 7-10 day’s.I am looking for some advise on how I should tweak the feeding schedule to work best with Recharge.I alway’s appreciate the solid advise I get from the DGC!