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Thanks Dude,Scotty and Guru for the Recharge advice it is a definite benefit,check the tops out, plus like Dude said I feel less badly giving the ladies something on a flush day!

Holy Grail Kush

OG 18 x Kosher Kush Clones:

5 weeks veg. 4 made the cut out of 6 into flowering.

Week 2 flower

Tent 5x8x7-8ft

Dual 6″ adjustable fans

Coco 60/40 perlite

Nutes : Botanicare Kind, Cal Mag,Recharge,Molasses.

EC 1.2

PH , 5.8- 6.4

Lighting Science group Commercial High bay LED (Vivi Gro 2) Red supplemental LED

Co2 700- 800 ppm

Watering 3 x a day drain to waste

The goal this grow is to train these ladies and keep them under 3 ft yet fill up a 4×4 canopy area and yield over 3 oz a lady.  Height now 19″

LST methods,topped 3x Fiimed, tied down, individual Scrogs for each pot.

Dropped one lady 3 weeks into veg. Just the runt,the last lady to be cut was the hard decision to flatten the canopy and it was 25% smaller than the other ladies….now we have a flat full canopy. The main issue with this grow so far is just the speed with which the canopy fills in….daily trimming…switched to 3x a day watering entering the transition,dropped flushing every 3 rd feeding down to 2 x a week Saturday (their lunch hour) and Wednesday Mornings, staggered the nutes to limit transition stress, light flower nutes week 1 (2 ml) Grow (3ml) , added recharge to nute program.

Week 2

2 ml flower, 2 ml grow. Liquid Karma foliary. Recharge,Molasses,


Hydroplex,Fulvex,Sweet Raw,Silica Blast. Sardine oil raw.