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Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru and the rest of the DGC.

I thought I share this amazing initiative after the other day’s episode when you were discussing the excess amount of packaging used in some states/provinces for cannabis retail. I know here on the East Coast of Canada (Nova Scotia). It is absolutely disgusting how much packaging the government forces producers to use for distributing their products.

Several years ago, just after legalization within Canada, I was on a flight for business when I sat beside a man (Jacob Boudreau) that I noticed he had been holding prosthetic arm along with his carry on luggage. As I was curious and I am highly social, I had to ask him about the prosthetic and unique design and colour. During our 3 hr flight together, I discovered he actually 3D printed his fully functioning prosthetic hand using recycled plastic gathered from provincial cannabis stores within New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. He has since made arrangements to have recycling drop off containers installed in each the government dispensaries in New Brunswick and has been working with the province of Nova Scotia to do the same. Now customers can have the piece of mind they can bring their containers back to the store and have them recycled properly and it goes to a great cause. This enables his team to offer prosthetic limbs at a highly reduced price to people within Atlantic Canada. One of the coolest parts of this story is that Jacob was able to 3D print almost all of the tools and equipment including the shredder that breaks down the plastic containers to be made into filament used to print the components of the prosthetics.

The company is named Kindness3D and is based out of Halifax, NS. I know we would like to see less packaging and that the packaging being used were biodegradable or even hemp based but I thought this was a good alternative to take a bad situation and turn it into a positive. Below you can find an article that was released right around the same time I met Jacob on that flight.

Thank you DGC for all the knowledge, entertainment and sense of community. I am more than happy to be a contributing DGC Produca, I never miss a show as it keeps me entertained while I aimlessly type on my computer during my work day or while I’m in the garden.


Justin aka East Coast Chronic