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What’s up DGC?

I am currently growing in a 4×4 using a SK400, 7 gallon Radicle bags, feeding with Nectar For The Gods, Recharge, SLF100 and Cultured Biologics microbes in late flower. After harvest, I recharge my soil using worm castings, Bokashi, Earthshine, One shot (Nectar For The God’s granular fertilizer). I stir everything up every 2 weeks for a couple of month’s,then reuse it.

My starting soil was Nectar For The Gods #4 soil, but this time around I decided to add some coco coir to my soil for less compaction. My mix is 2 parts soil to 1 part coco coir. So, here is my question. How much of the coco will be broken down after it goes through a grow cycle and my recycling regimen? If I want to recreate the original 2 to 1 ratio of soil to coco, how much if any coco would I need to add back in for my next crop? Sorry if this is a dumb question but, I have never used coco coir before so I need to lean on the DGC again.

Thanks DGC!