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I’ve been watching ur show on YouTube for about two years now got all my friends watching now too and hocked Recharge been too scared in sign up as im in the UK but could not resist the dank bud competition this is a strain I was grow two years ago but I only keep few picture as she was the best looking bud ever (was my first grow after I start watching the show and using recharge and was my best grow ever i triple my yield could not believe it) i just need to show u all as I could not believe what I was seeing I took this pic in the 48 hr dark period I could not believe my eye I even freaked out a bit as I seen this face in my bud which looks like the man on money and she was money she tasted like pure sativa with the gas small so citrusy like Amasia haze I did have cuts but I was having a big clean up and put them in the green house for too long on a hot day and they just dried up and died so I try to get more of those seeds and they been sold out for so long I move on

I grow her out for 9weeks under a DLI Joule 1000w DE HID in light mix in 12.5l airports with dutch pro compo1 canna boost canna pk nature nutrient amplifier Mammoth P and Recharge by the way is it double in price on amazon? and eBay are selling a rip off of Recharge as I know it’s not real grows as if my or water is pH to 5.8 i add the eBay Recharge and my pH will go up to 6.8 wtf the RealGrowers Recharge dose not? So unfortunately I have to use biosys instead any way this was one of my must favourite strain which I would of never pick out she was the Demon in the dirt which I lost I now have two HLG600h kits man I would love to flower out now with this badass light dam

Peace out bothers happy growing