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What’s growin on DGC? I harvested this Red Poison the other day and wanted to share some pictures. The pictures were taken right before I chopped her up. I promise I’m not a serial killer.

The genetics are originally from The Royal Queen Seed Bank. They came as feminized autos. Through the process of feminized pollination, I managed to make some feminized photo period Red Poison.

The plant shown below was hand pollinated with feminized pollen made from colloidal silver at 30ppm. I use pure medical grade that was not made with salts. The feminized pollen was made from another Red Poison from my last 2 f1’s.

Seeing on how I only vegged two maybe two and a half weeks in 2 gallon pots, I can not wait to start some of these F2’s I have coming! I also plan to cross the Red Poison with Batman OG and calling it Batman Beyond šŸ˜Ž