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Hello DGC, I’m a first time grower with some rookie questions. I just bought three clones and a few seeds and everything has been going well up until Tuesday. The clones are in the 5 gal buckets using organic 707 soil. I just transplanted them from 4.5 inch cups on Saturday and watered with recharge and a ph at 6.5. They were under a fluorescent light until I got a maxsisun pb1500 LED on Monday. I have the light set at 24” above the tallest plant and now they are looking like the pictures. I haven’t watered or fed them since the transplant. When I do feed them, they get 1 tsp per gallon of Aged Old Grow 12-6-6 and 1 tsp of Neptune’s Harvest fish & seaweed fertilizer 2-3-1, as recommended by the grow shop dudes. As you can see, I have red stems on all of the bigger girls, and the leaves are looking light and curly with the yellow blotchy spots. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong would be a big help. Thank you DGC,  I really appreciate that there is a place for a newbie to ask these questions.