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Thank you guys for your show. My favorite show period. I’m a new grower based in Michigan, only growing recreationally (12plants) I have had four successful harvests and have used the medicine in several ways 😉 From seed only sorry.  I grow organically using teas, fpjs, and of course RECHARGE in self built soil, with all the meals, coco coir, hydraton, compost, worms, rock dusts, as well as all the poops except cow etc etc. I use LEDs growing in various sized smart pots buckets and so on. I really want to know if edibles are made from flowers that are grown with bottled nutes. If the plants aren’t flushed correctly can residual chemicals still be within the plant material? And if so does those said chemicals get refined in the process of converting cannabis to edibles?  Whatever Guru says has to be the truth. Thank you. Keep it going. Some folks live by your knowledge. Even non members. Been F ing with you dudes for over 4 years. Years before I ever planted a seed. God bless.