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I’ll keep it short and dank…

52fastbuds Bluedreamatic autos! 3 gal fab pots, Dr. Earth “gold” amendments, supplemented w/ brewed tea, Recharge, misc microbes products. Used cover crop for the 1st time also, Coco/peat mix, worm castings. pH 5.9-6.2 throughout. Popped the whole 5 pack, 1 didn’t make it because of “transplanting experiment “, 1 did, harvested a few weeks prior, they were popped a few weeks prior for said experiment. Topped 1, in the back, as a trial also, all 3 were planted into final pot. Spider Farmer sf1000×2, maxed out at 80%each. Viparspectra 3×3(best budget tent I’ve come across/or used)sure some potential was lost, but for 1st run, chopped 2 @70days, 1 let go for an extra week… I’m excited to try once cured, cured in mason jars with some boooveeeedas 62%! Will be trying some ethos autos next, all in good time, if I’m forgetting something, owell lol, but peace and love DGC, thanks DudeGrows and crew for all you guys do. The show does more for us than one would think… thx