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Remo Nutrients is a nutrient line from the Urban Grower himself. It has been on the market for a little over one year. The entire line is 7 bottles. They consist of 3 base bottles and 4 additives. The build of the nutrients was strictly with cannabis patients in mind. They use pharmaceutical grade mineral based(veganic) ingredients to ensure a clean safe product for patients with compromised immune systems. Also ease of use was kept in mind. There is no need for ppm/ph pens or knowledge of growing period. There whole idea with this line is to give it to someone who needs to grow a cannabis garden but can’t make it a hobby or job.

I have been using the line consistently for a year and would like to talk about my experience so far. Let me start this by saying i am normally an organic grower. That being said I enjoy watching Remo’s channel on youtube, and when he released his line I wanted to try it out. I started off by calling with questions. That was a 45 minute phone call that answered all my questions they hid nothing and pulled no punches. So the next step was to order the line. During the use of these nutrients I never stopped using Recharge and Biocozyme even though it was recommended by the company. (I feel these two ingredients are crucial to a healthy rhizosphere.) Mainly recharge due to its molasses content. I did not listen to this and had to learn to adjust my recharge dosing(in my organic soil I like to use a lot maybe more than Scotty). The first cycle was done in plain coco everything was fine till half way through flowering I started to see the negative effects of to much recharge this was fixed in a week by not using. For the next few cycles i used the recharge as instructed by the package and I haven’t seen that problem return. My next step was to see what can i get rid of. Natures Candy and Velokelp were removed from the schedule and replaced with my regular use which is 1TBLS/gal every feed. Things went great. I would also like to mention i noticed no drop in flavor while harvesting these grows. I felt the next step was to really go out of my comfort zone and try a form of DWC. The only form of hydroponic gardening I had ever done was cloning. I was starting from scratch with this method. I got some dewy misters and some reservoirs and started growing. This method really proved how successful this nutrient line is in achieving its goals. While growing DWC  I have continued to use recharge and Biocozyme with the addition of mammoth-P. However I have cut back the recharge because I am using it strictly for the microbes so I’m using a 1/4tsp/gal and brewing it to increase microbe population. Since growing with this line I have had no ph issues or deficiencies. It doesn’t even leave any film or residue in the reservoirs. After using these nutrients this way I truly believe its perfect for any beginner or someone who doesn’t have access to good quality water(high ph). The most important part about this line is its ease of use. Our biggest goal as a community should be access for everyone that wants it or needs it. I don’t believe this is to be achieved by building dispensaries. This is going to be achieved by giving people the miracle grow option and thats what this line does.