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So after my plants stretched I had done the exact thing I was trying not to do and have over-sized things again that are stretched more than Id like. Not as bad as before but still bad. I have them in #5 nursery pots and they have to be watered every other day. I could handle that but some are starting to dry out before I get to them that second morn.  I am afraid I don’t have enough root mass for them.  I have been feeding each time this time around and watching the runoff.  They are happy and praying they are just huge and dry out to fast.  Would it be ok to up them in week 2 of flower into week 3. Not a huge size increase. These seem to be around a 3 gal container was gonna up them to maybe a #7 which seems to be about 5 gals I am not sure how that works. Growing in royal gold turpur with caps recipe at round 600 ppm (probably need to up that).

Would I be screwing up by doing this?  Watering is going to be rough as they need more.  Goes through nutes like crazy too.