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Good afternoon my good friends. In or not in probation land, all over the world. Fighting for the plant.

I recently purchased factory made hemp buckets. They seem to be of high quality. The only difference is that they run three large net pots that are attached to the self-watering bottom. Looks like a lot of opportunity for air pruning around the bottom overall. It is like a thick hard well built plastic net. Asking around gave me confidence in the model.

Now for my questions to the experts here on the forum:

1. Do I use pure perlite as wicking material in the net pots and a few millimeters on the rest of the net bottom to avoid soil in the reservoir?

2. Are there advantages to mixing a little vermiculite with the perlite in the bottom wicking mix?

3. Is wetting agent a must with every watering? And how often do you water in extra enzymes to keep clean? Do I need an air stone with a pump for a reservoir of about 2 liters per hempy bucket? My brain thinks of old DWC with all the problems in the reservoir at the slightest extra heat. Never again.

4. Can I run 45 coco/45 peat moss and worm castings, topped with perlite and som coco husk chips as degradable aeration? Or should it be more Coco than peat moss soil mix? Have several types of premium coco to use, most prepared with myco. And I got different microbe additives. (Unfortunately not Recharge as Amazon seem reluctant to ship it to my part of the Globe)

5. Of course I want to water in a few splashes of my fermented smoothies (without preservatives and chemicals). Have only let bokashi culture ferment leftover purchased smoothie. Are bacteria and organic matter a problem in the reservoir? Does it have to be cleaned during the grow despite its small size? Or do you just fight the bad bacs with the good and some enzymes? Bet a wetting agent makes things less sticky in the reservoir?

There were many questions. Hope someone can answer. Stay medicated!