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Whats happening DGC. Back with another question

I’ve been vegging my plants since early January but am getting ready to flip to flower.  Before flipping I wanted to wait for my freshly cut clones to root and I was hoping to get my plants looking a bit greener and less like they have some sort of nutrient deficiency happening.  I had them in 1 gallon fabric pots with Fox Farm Coco Loco and transplanted 3 of them into 5 gallon pots with straight coco and perlite because I wanted better control with flushing since the Coco Loco retains a ton of moisture.  I have a 5 gallon nutrient reservoir that I mix up every couple of days. Here is my mix.

Armor Si (silica) : 7.5 ml (1.5 ml/gal)

Cal-Mag: 20 ml     (4 ml/gal)

Micro: 12.5 ml      (2.5 ml/gal)

Gro: 12.5 ml       (2.5 ml/gal)

Bloom: 12.5 ml     (2.5 ml/gal)

Mammoth P: 3 ml (0.6 ml/gal)

pH to 5.8 (as recommended by Guru in a recent video)

Temp is about 68 degrees F.

I used Recharge for my last grow but ran out and haven’t ordered more yet so I have been only using Mammoth P. All Nutrients are by GH. So I’m using RO water that I buy at a local hydro store by refilling 5 gal buckets. the starting pH after adding all the nutes is around 7.5. I pH down to 5.8 and then add the Mammoth P and water my plants. I usually adjust the pH over the course of a couple hours to give it time to equalize in between adjustments. My plants are showing signs of pH lockout (my opinion) and it has persisted for a long time now.  This morning I checked my nutrient solution and the pH had climbed back up to 6.5 after having it stabilized at 5.8 yesterday morning and watering my plants with it.  So my question is….. What the fuck? Is it the microbes?  Should I add more acid now to lower it? Whats the deal?  This has happened a lot and I’ve never run into this issue before.  I would love some feedback from you guys.

Much love DGC, thanks for reading and any input you can throw my way. Peace,   Frosty Mitten