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Greetings Dude, Scotty, Guru, crew, and brethren and sistren of the DGC,

A few weeks ago I posted a pic of one of my girls who’d begun briefly to reveg near the end of flower. Most of them anyway.

The DGC responded as always, with positive, reliable information. Thanks to everyone who responded.

My OG from back in the day, when weed was brown, every bag came with free seeds, and gender was a straightforward notion, was Thai weed.

It wasn’t something that came around very often, but it’s unmistakable hues of red and gold, aroma of sweetness, spice, and sandalwood, and one of a kind high, has always been my Grail.

Naturally it was on the top of my list of strains I wanted to grow, and the only (supposed) landrace Thai I could find at the time was from World of Seeds.

Well, didn’t I happen to have a couple of those girls in the Office at the time of Lighting Incident! They were an experiment to begin with, that took two seeds (almost) straight to flower after just a couple/few weeks of veg, so not really as far along as the rest of the girls, who were around week 7 or 8 I think.

I chopped everyone else a few weeks ago, but left the two “Thai” just to see how and what they would do after reverting back to flower, since they had a ways to go still anyway. This one, Tawnya, really got herm’d out apparently, and has shot triple and quadruple tops.

Her sister Tatiana, has much more sativa structure. I did harvest her central cola last week, strictly for scientific purposes, and letting the lower flowers mature a skosh longer. Currently around week 14 of flower I guess.

They’ve got a Chocolope sister growing up right next to her, who shares genetics (in theory), a cosmic, and a mycocosmic connection, having been raised from pups on Recharge!

This ain’t really a Grow Talk question, and bong will tell if it’s a Dank Nug, but I wanted to share it with you all, figuring y’all would make content out of it.

Peace and ganja love, DGC!