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I got a knock on the door last week.  It was a close call.  I’ll tell the story in the video below.

If you’re a grower, and you have digital ballasts, you need to check them to see if they emit RF interference.  If they do, ANYONE with an AM radio, could drive by your house and detect the interference.  The interference COULD be from another device, but you’re giving people a REASON to come knock on your door.

If you find you’re broadcasting RFI, you should consider switching to magnetic ballasts, which don’t put off RFI.  Some of the newer digital ballasts are FCC compliant, but still give off a small amount of RFI.

Don’t give people a reason to knock on your door, especially if you are in a non 420 friendly state. Take care of your RF interference problem; don’t make the same mistake I did.

This subject kind of gets me off into another subject, that is worth talking about.  I continue to see stoners driving around, smoking pot.  They think it’s “cool” I guess?  I mean, why else would they smoke while they drive?  Are you so addicted to pot that you can’t wait until you get to your destination???

Don’t give the police a reason to pull you over, especially when you have weed in the car.  Are you looking to take a “vacation in bracelets”?  Many of you stoners, LOOK like stoners, and if you think the police don’t “profile”, you’re in denial.  If I’m a police officer, and I suspect you are smoking pot, I’m much more likely to pull you over, if you LOOK like someone who smokes pot.  Yeah yeah yeah, you whiners will say, “Lots of Dr’s and Lawyers, and clean cut looking people, smoke pot too.”  And yes, that is true.  But I promise you… if you go to the DMV and pull aside 10 dudes with long hair, beards and tattoos, and a separate group of 10 finely groomed people in button down shirts, which group do you think will have the most amount of pot smokers?  Bottom line, People who LOOK like stoners, usually ARE stoners, and they are more likely to be suspected of 420 activities.

I kind of got off on a rant in this video.  My point is, if you want to “look” like a stoner and draw attention to yourself, that’s fine, just don’t do anything illegal, (whether you think it should be legal or not).