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Good morning DGC, so I’m prepping for my next crop. I have the veg tent and rocking and socking as I have the AC infinity in there so I have it all set to kick in and out upon temp/RH settings.

Question is in the flower tent I’m struggling with my RH as I’m using 1000w HPS glass hood. Sucking through a carbon filter. I keep it running all the time and it’s vented straight outside. In the winter I’m really struggling with my RH as it’s getting sucked out all the time. Constant venting is the only option but it’s a mess as your always sucking out your set environment, you  gotta overdue everything in order to get dialed. I’m working on it and am good about DIY stuff so just looking for some pointers. Last crop was good but I think yield suffered due to very low RH. I’m talking high teens to low 20’s low.

i have a bunch of SK’s on the way so that should help some but still going to be somewhat of an issue considering the negative pressure due to smell concerns. I’m in a legal state and am all carded up so no real legal concerns but still not trying to advertise if ya know what I mean.

Thank you all 🤙🏻🤙🏻