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What up DGC shout out from the uk hope all are well. Here’s my frostyiest girl of this grow. Grown in 11ltr soil pot using AN HOBBIEST LINE for the last time. Veged under 2 100w t5s for 5 weeks then flipped to 600w hps for 7 weeks in a 5×5 i should of harvested last week on 6 weeks but i applied the if you think there done just wait another week method lol  Its all good just more yellowing of the leaves. On a better note tho she has 4 more sisters so happy days, the negative is i just harvested sunday night got the ladies hanging up go to bed wake up the next morning to a voicemail from my landlord saying hey downstairs underneath you has a leak coming from upstairs we need in the property to check it out… 😡😭😡😭😡  FUCCCCKKK so its now wednesday i aint spoke to them yet im in 2 minds 2 just ignore them for 7/10 days to try get these dry as soon as rather than as quik as and get them trimmed and jared or getting intouch with them saying hey im quarantining keep away for 14 days but then i worry i need to go get tested and vaccinated after and be in there system all that garbage…. AAAAAH!!!!! Life as a renter in prohibition lands during pandemics aay  haha much love DGC wish me luck just had to share my story hopefully we can get this sorted and enjoy the fruits of my labour and money spent not wasted.  Again!