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I just thought of something. I have used similar practices in the past on my vegetables in the garden…The research shows that when a person places seeds I.e. tomato seeds, fruit, vegetables their tongue, That you transfer your DNA signature to the cell of the seed(s).  What research has shown is that by doing this. You will grow fruits and vegetables that will have specific properties, nutrients and minerals that can be produced by this genome of the plant/seed to help fuel/heal your body etc…

check our this link https://www.ringingcedars.com/seed_planting/

I never done the research myself personally, to see what kind of deficiencies are in my body etc…. and/or if a fruit or vegetable has actually created more iron, calcium, B6 or B12 etc… as a result of placing it under my tongue and planting. but it’s enough to make you wonder if this is voodoo…!? or if this stuff actually has merit, even in growing cannabis? 🤔

Weed does not agree with me. No tolerance whatsoever. I think my cannabinoid receptors are bad. Lol maybe it’s because I’m allergic to trees grass and pollen,  just to name a few. Who knows.
but I make hash out of my plants. I grew up on the stuff since I was twelve. It’s nostalgia for me. Like eating grandmas special dish and recipe yer whole life.
I love the buzz, smell and taste plus some batches are enough to knock yer dick in the dirt man.

So, smoke a bowl and ponder that thought for a few hours.