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Hey DGC hope all is well and growing safely out there during these crazy times. I’ve got a question today about RO water. So I will start by giving you the run down if what I’m currently running. I use biobizz nutrients with a few house and garden substitutes, roots excel gold (for root juice) and amino treatment for bioheaven and then some recharge and tribus every 2 weeks. I am now running RO water cause my water quality is complete garbage here and It was getting build up in my soil and causing my pH to rise cause the ppm of my water was so high. My RO is now 0 ppm and I’ve been adding botanicare cal-mag plus at 2 ml to 2.5 per gallon. I want to say that brings it up to around 200 to 225 ppm. I use fox farm ocean forest and sunshine mix #4 (no coco version) 50/50 mix with added castings. Do I need to add cal-mag every time from start to finish and is that enough cal-mag added back? Should I bump up the cal-mag at all during the cycle? Also what does it all antagonize so I can know what to look for if it is doin so. Is there anyone else using RO water with biobizz? My plants still look great but they could be dialed in better for this next run. I have a feeling it’s not enough cal-mag or it needs less. There is some paling of leaves only from the middle of the plant and up and only on a few of the plants. I thought it could be to much light but it’s happening on a few plants farthest from the light. This pic was taken at day 36 of flower. Thanks guys for all the help with getting my grow dialed in DGC. Really means a lot.

Your friend,  The Kid