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Hey Guys, love the show! Got a question about using RO water and haven’t found a good answer online. I use RO as the city water runs at 450 TDS and contains chloramines and that just don’t work for my organic soil grows. I read that I shouldn’t water with straight RO as it can damage or strip the roots and that cal-mag should be added. I worry about using too much as I have to water daily. I had a delay flipping to flower because of 1 plant not being healthy and i didn’t transplant out of the 5 gallon fabric pots before flowering. I’ll be using 10 gal pots from now on. They are doing great, I just have to stay on top of things. If I just add 1/6 of a weekly dose of CalMag to each watering, is that enough to stop any root problems from watering with RO. My RO is only 6 TDS before adding anything to it. I would love to hear a list of Do’s and Don’ts for RO. On a different note, I heard you guys talking about tying down stems (LST) in fabric pots by poking holes in the pot. I bought a bunch of safety pins and just poke thru the pot at the top and tie right to them! You can move them around easily as the plant grows! They are cheap to buy, just stay away from the small ones as they won’t stay fastened under tension! I appreciate what you guys are sharing with the world and I’ve learned so much from listening! Please keep sharing the knowledge!