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I’m sure many of the DGC know how to set something like this up, so this is more geared towards growers who are newer and/or wondering how to use an RO filter without being at the mercy of the slow speed of many of the smaller RO filters.

The hardest part was buying the RO filter and waiting for it to arrive. I did a little bit of local shopping around, but couldn’t find anybody with the model I was after (Hydrologic Stealth 150 w/ upgraded KDF Carbon Filter) so I ordered it online from GrowGeneration’s website, GrowGen.pro, formerly known as HeavyGardens. The only things I used were:

Hydrologic Stealth 150 w/ upgraded KDF Carbon Filter from GrowGen.Pro – $170 (other sites sell it for a little bit cheaper, but I had a promo code, plus they had a special where if you spent over $150 you got a free t-shirt)
55 gallon tote from Lowe’s – $18
Float valve from Amazon – $20
(there are cheaper ones but I went with hydrologic’s version because it came with a 1/4” quick connect)
Aquarium pump from Amazon – $14
Soft Plastic Tubing ~$8
(I have a bunch of this for building PC water-cooling systems but Amazon also carries this as well as grow stores and pet stores)
Surge Protector – $10
Zip ties – $3

The van is an old vehicle that never gets driven, and isn’t far from where our drain is, so I used the rear windshield wiper to keep the surge protector from where water could get on it. It fills up to right around 50 gallons before the float valve closes and the filter turns off. The pump is inside the reservoir, anytime I need water I just flip on the surge protector and use the tubing coming out of the pump like a hose. Fairly easy to set up and now I have ~3 PPM water available on demand. Just thought I’d share in case anyone was considering getting an RO filter. Will work the same with any RO filter, of course, as long as it has an automatic shut off valve built in.