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Rollex OG (White Fire x Kuchi)

Grow Report

Flowering time 61-65 Days

Yield-Above Average

Plant Morphology-Tall, thin

Nutrient Strength-light to medium

Medicinal Effects-Powerfully potent and relaxing (evening/pre bedtime ONLY)

The vegetative stage is very quick producing short, bushy plants that will stretch and flower like a sativa when you switch to 12/12. Bud support during flower is a must due to the high yields it produces. Cold temps late in flower bring out some beautiful magenta/purple shaded leaves that will increase the aesthetics in any grow.

Smoke Report

Rollex is pleasantly pungent with a skunky, kushy terpene profile. No matter what is going on in your life both mentally and physically, this strain will have you in a state of “irie” after just one toke. Any fans of “The White” will be sure to love this one.