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sup men
I have a bunch of plants about 1 and half months in veg in 2 gals. At about week 3 I started noticing some issues. Leaf curling, purpling in strains I know don’t express this , clogged stems. Being my first grow in a new set up I fine tuned my intake exhaust got my rh and temps right , started following strict watering and feed programs. Problems eased but just still something was off. Maintained a ph of abt 6.2 during all waterings.So here’s where the rookie part comes in. Finally knowing something was still off. I tested my ph reader. After a month and a half I figured it out. Should’ve been one of the first things to check. IT WAS OFF ALMOST AN ENTIRE POINT. I feel like I haven’t given these plants optimal conditions too produce the best results possible. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I have nothing but time and look to do things the right way. Is starting over my best option? Will cuts easily outgrow these prolonged ph issues?
Ps Scotty I wish you were my dad, baller status.