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What’s up DGC! been following the show daily and learning a shitload but i am still new to this this and in prohibitionland south east Europe this is my 3rd grow and my buddy got me paranoid saying i got bugs i cant see any crawling around the leaves or soil so i think i might have root aphids. i got some weird looking leaves but also i just transplanted into 1gal fabric pots from solo cups the girls are a little droopy so I’m hoping that’s just it and not root aphids. i saw a couple of little f@*%ers flying around before i transplanted so i thought they were fungus gnats so i sprayed dome neem oil agrobacterias-protect-killer on the top layer of the soil to combat them but the girls still haven’t bounced back. i have been doing some youtube research on it for some remedies so i thought why dont i just ask the pros. my options are do a complete drench with the neem oil i have or make a solution with soap water and isopropyl alcohol or to do a drench with hydrogen peroxide water mix. i added some beneficial fungi along the way so far so im looking for a possible way that would be the best to not kill anything beneficial microbes and fungi i have going on in the soil.  please help me out here!! love the show love the community and all the knowledge shared thanks in advance!