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What’s up DGC. Not sure what these are, but I keep seeing people think they have aphids an then it’s hypoaspis miles. Or some other bug that’s similar looking to an aphid. I started some seeds next to a couple clones I had all of them planted at the same time in happy frog soil. Can predator mites come with the bag of soil? I planted a bunch of seedling and a couple clones that I saw all these little guys on. I keep diligently looking for them in my flowering room but nothing as far as I can tell. So I threw all the seedling and clones out just in case. I tried to start some more clones and couple more seeds again and I had some more clones in cloner rooting and I couldn’t see any bugs in my dome. Bought new bag of happy frog planted them and then 2 days later I started to seethe same bugs again. So my question is, do I toss these too and wait for my flower room to finish and do a really good deep clean or do I try to fight them off? I’m not sure of much IMP you can do on seedling in solo cups but I don’t wanna to keep throwing away good genetics I spend money on. Thanks DGC for the help and appreciate all you guys do Scotty, Guru and Dude.