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Hey Dude and Scotty, 

Firstly, let me say thank you for all you do for the Cannabis community. Without active people out there telling it like it is, we wouldn’t continue to make the progress we’re seeing year after year.

I recently did my first indoor grow and decided DWC was the easiest thing for me. Researching the message boards and listening to the show enabled me to make my first time a resounding success. I know you had a similar question on the show recently, and my situation is pretty much the same I’m going tear everything down and start new as far as the hardware goes, but as far as my plants, the question is, had anyone ever brought a baby girl back to 100% health after fighting root rot? Is it a winnable battle?

I have four 5 gall buckets all connected by 3/4 valves and lines. I use 1 for a res and let it flow to the others as gravity does its job. I just cleaned everything and put it back together 2 days ago, then heard your show talking about this so I went and bought new stones and lines. When I went to replace them, the rot was back and in force already. The odd part here is that 2 of my babies have almost black roots already and I can see dark mold looking stuff starting to grow in the res bucket, but one of the plants (and not the last one in the chain) has a root mass white as snow. I do plan on ditching everything tomorrow and starting over except for the one, but do you have any idea how this could happen? Same strain all the way through, so could this just be a genetic anomaly that is super resistant to root rot? I really can’t come up with any other explanation.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and rock on brothers.