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What’s up DGC, I have a question and I’m sure someone here can help me out it. I noticed when transplanting my girls into their forever homes the roots had filled up the 1 gal and started busting out the bottom around 5 weeks post germination. I then noticed they were growing up out of the top of the pot too. With the pots getting a ton of light exposure from 4k of cmh in a 10×10 (8 500w growers choice master pursuits), its got me wondering should I cover this shit up or let science do its thing and let it ride?. I figured by making the switch to krusty buckets with my drip rings setup in the middle of my bucket instead of top the soil, it would help keep the roots in the bottom of the bucket.. 4 of the plants are still pushing up. Photo is from the 1 gal to hempy transplant. Also have to give a shout out to chad westport, that episode was full of very useful info. appreciate ya man

Keeeeeeeeeeee kiiiinnnnnngggg