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What’s up DGC. So I got another question and it’s about roots organic and one of their lines. So I’ve been looking into organic dry Feed and top dressings  And I’ve come across roots organics. My main question is if I can  Possibly get a review of sorts.

I’ve been looking in to their Uprising 3 part line and  It looks fairly promising. Have any of you guys used this specific line or know of anything about them? Or does someone have a better recommendation for me?

My medium is BAS’s mountain OLY super soil with a little more biochar added. I have 2 auto seedlings started and they will be in 10 gal radical bags. So far no nutrients or top dressings have been added to the soil. Just water and recharge and the wee little ones look happy as can be.

I’m looking into these 4 products in the link because I would like to have a good way to top dress nutrients into the soil. Mainly as an emergency backup in case of any issues with the plant. Also might use as an amendment later on.