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Hello  DGC,

I posted these a few weeks ago as the apollo was going really yellow  in week 5 to 6. Thanks for the guidance all! I ended up checking soil pH and apollo was getting out of range at 5.4 where the other 2 were 5.9. So i decided to flush (sledge hammer) and then fed at next watering a small feed bump.

Today is day 58, so now in the window for Trichrome checks. I am in Virginia, first time grow. I’ve learned from DGC and many others on utube ” grow school”.

Ps: photos are in order of title (Rosetta  stone first)


Germinate seeds July 12 (became legal July1)

Grown in Mars  hydro  4×4 tent with spider farmer  SP4000 and 6″ ac Infiniti  fan with charcoal  filter. Summers in  Virginia are warm obviously,  so used a whole room ac unit directly in tent. Everything  on timers to give fan and qc unit a 30 minute  rest every 3 hours except at worst heat of day , no 30 min break.  I had 4 plants but gave the other apollo awsy to a freind. I vegged for a full 8 weeks until  September 24, flipped to 12/12 flower.

Grown in 5 gallon  fabric pots, in ocean forest in 75% ocean forests soil, 12% perlite, 12% worm castings, (1% love), fed on a modified  fox farm nutrient  schedule starting week 6 of veg. Of course mykos used at every transplant. So it was fed once during veg WEEK 6 , at transition,  and 3 times ( every 4th watering) during flower. Stopped feeding at beginning  of week 7 with a flush( sledge hammer) to start. NUTRIENTS were the trio, plus help me kelp you , and wholly mackerel  during veg ( half recommended  dosages) and during flower the feed is big bloom, tiger bloom, bembe and mag sweet. The waterings in between  feeds alternated between water with Recharge, to water with cal mag/ mag sulphur ( pending veg or flower stage).

These plants were easy to grow , during veg especially.  They all stretched big time vertically , so the trellises  net was very handy.

Fall colors for sure! Wishing  everyone  a great safe, dank dilled Thanksgiving!!! Or is it danksgiving?

Take care