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I’ll get right to it. I burnt my finger badly cleaning my banger rig bowl . Blistered up hurt like FACK for days and days. Then I did it again a week later but worse this time cause it was two fingers and I grabbed the bowl because ? I’m a fried bastard. So I was like oh no not again. Then I sat down for another dab and my fingers had not started to blister up just yet, they were to busy feeling like I had been burnt right down to the bone, that’s when I decided to wipe the rosin from my dap tool stick thing on the burnt areas of my fingers. Gentlemen let me tell you that the rosin almost stopped the pain 100% and after wiping my burns for the next few days with the tiny bit of left over rosin on my dab tool, the burns didn’t blister and healed days before my original banger bowl finger burn. 1000% truth. Pictures are the stuff I’ve been hurting myself with and the buds you’ve all been helping me grow. Many thanks and mad respect.