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Hey there DGC & our fine hosts Dude, Scotty & Guru.

Whenever you guys get into talking about live rosin, etc. It seems like you are more interested about production & such than what’s attainable for the 3×3 or 4×4 growers. They are probably going to be the guys paying the most attention to everything you say, but with questions. Bigger growers should already be well informed on most if not all of this anyway. Doubt many of us little guys are ordering freeze dryers or heavy duty rosin presses anytime soon. They know there are small rosin presses out there & even more hair straighteners. So… For small, personal/medicinal growers that may want to dabble in dabbing, but have ounces instead of pounds & (maybe) hundreds of dollars to spend instead of thousands… What would you suggest for those of us that have a limited budget and/or material?

I looked around & settled on a Nugsmasher mini to try out. $400 range item. Not cheap but didn’t break the bank. Can smash 1g nugs (with or without bags) & up to 3.5g/one eighth with bags – Perfect for small batches, or to take somewhere for instant dabs. Just need power, parchment paper & patience. They make many larger, production models too – you should check them out. What would you guys do to feed her? Let’s pretend we are brand new to all this and only have an ounce two to play with. What does the little guy do? Smash dry flower? Smash dry sift? Smash dry ice sift? Small batch of bubble hash? Sell the press & smoke all the sift because it just isn’t worth the effort on this scale?