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Hey there DGC!

Thought maybe i could help with this rosin press dilemma… ok, it was really b_patients idea lol… i recently built one and have learned a little bit about them.

There are a lot of awesome rosin presses out there, but like Scotty’s been saying, the stuff is usually too expensive. I thought about it and i was willing to pay $2000. Thats a lot, but i could get a “Sasquatch” press or a “Mash”. Two very good machines. The problem was i was still gonna have to pump and all that. For $2000 i wanted to push a button and smash shit! That would cost you another $1500! So i looked into getting my own hydraulic pump for cheaper. Found one for $250. Long story short… the more i researched parts, etc., i just kept coming up with way better numbers! I just couldn’t spend 2-3 grand when i could buy the parts and put it together myself for less than half.

So… Plates are the most important part. Some of em are really crappy. You should expect to pay $300-$400 for some bolt on types. I don’t think the size of the plates is super critical. I read somewhere that 3×5 was perfect for your average joe and still be able to smash some serious weight. Most of the popular bags are 2-2.5″ wide, so that’s what i went with. I can get a half ounce in a 2.5″×4.5″ bag with room to fold over, and get 20 percent no problem. Most of em come with dual controls. Nice, but not totally necessary. Just try to make sure they look really good. There is a lot of junk out there and its because of the controllers and wiring. Some people don’t give a shit what they sell ya.😝

You can pay whatever you want for a press. I payed $366.60 for a 10 ton Baileigh industrial with a manual pump. Bought it at grainger, where i was able to go pick it up. Shipping woulda cost like $250! You don’t really need anything bigger than maybe 12 ton imo. Even if you had big plates i don’t think you would ever need to put that much pressure down. I haven’t even got past 5 tons of pressure at the gauge. Hobo freight has a 6 ton a-frame for $80. They have a 12 ton shop press for $125. Only real difference would be one has a jack and the other has a hydraulic cylinder. I thought the jack type might be harder to work… and i still wanted the fancy pump, which could be easily fitted to the one i decided on. I will say, i was deciding between two presses, and found that one of them moved faster. Less pumping to get the plates back together…

If you want the fancy air/hydraulic pump. It will require a pump and regulator, and probably cost you 2-$350. That is if you already have a compressor. I found that it wasn’t very hard to use the hand pump, but i plan on trying to wear this thing out! Nuff said on that… this shit was supposed to be cheap!

All ya need now is some filter bags, some parchment paper, a timer, and a couple silicone mats, a fat joint and your good to go!

Plates: $350

Press: $150

Accesories: $100

Total price to squish some weed: $600

I did mine for about 1000-1100. That was with the pump and everything. I already had the compressor.

Some good info on purepressure.com about temps and squish times. Ummm…. i know im forgetting a bunch. Just trying to simplify it a bit. Hope it helps! Its really not that hard to put together i was using it in a couple hours. Be safe! Scotty… if ya need any help, give me a call.😉


I wasn’t gonna say it, but… don’t buy “low temp” plates. They are crap. I don’t want to bash anyone so i will leave it at that.