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Howdy Doody Rowdy Booties!

So the last few months have been rough at best. We’re finally getting some help from the state, but not a whole lot. Long story short I decided to do something about it. I’m going to start a business building then selling hydro systems and (as soon as I can get the investment for the parts) Rosin Presses. There’s always gonna be the guy that can buy the best system, and the guy that can’t afford a prebuilt system, but he can build it himself. What about the guy that can’t do either? That’s where I’m hoping to find my niche, people that can’t afford or won’t pay what they’re asking on hydrofarm for a ready to go setup, but for whatever reason can’t build it himself.

At first I was planning on building the hydro systems WITH the customers, but I’m realizing that’s probably not the best way to start things off. Here in the next few days i’ll be putting up one or two single bucket DWC online, which will hopefully give me some more to invest and get the ball rolling.

My question is, Does anyone have suggestions for sites that sell press parts? The main thing I need figured out is the plates,  I’ve seen quite a few of the setups that come with controllers, plates, and basically everything but the shop press, but those are a bit more pricey, and usually sold by companies that make the presses. That may be an option down the road, but For the first couple units, I was considering using 2 Inkbird PID controllers  with a 1 or 2 ton arbor press to start with… Then when I get enough I’ll reinvest in a 10-ton shop press and one of the aforementioned diy plate/controller kits. Who knows, maybe this will blow up and in a year I could get the equipment and start making plates myself. But that’s a ways off… Back to reality

any help is appreciated, I’m really just trying to get us out of this financial hole, so we can be done with the payday loan BS, and I can get on my feet so Ma Saint doesn’t have to stress about money. BTW she’s passed the 1-yr mark with the transplant, as far as her health, things seem okay for now,  yay! We couldn’t have done it without you guys, I love y’all and i’m thankful to have the crew in my life each and every day.

Keep it Irie, Growers Love!