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Written Strain Review!
Rotten Fruit

Rotten peaches x Fruit Ninja
Made by Mad Wolf Genetics

Just looking at this bud makes my mouth water. It’s full of trichomes and has a colorful appeal. When taken out of the bag she fills your pallet with a fruity candy flavor. The smell was super sweet. The structure of the bud was very well done as it still had a nice soft squish to the bud and wasn’t dry to the point it just crumbles. The bud was dense and super sticky almost greasy. Breaking the bud up let out a more Chem terp mixed with the fruity candy smell. Made my grinder stick together!

Smoking this I immediately noticed how smooth it was. Very good cure! The flavor much resembles the smells from earlier. I really appreciate the taste when it matches the smell. Very fruity with a slit bit of Chem. The Chem resembles more of a cleaner than other Chems.

The High was great! A bit of a creaper and brought on a nice full helmet head high. Definitely made the sleepys come in hard. Had to lay down after Smoking this strain. Definitely helped with my back pain. Would definitely recommend this to anyone. Straight Fire.