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Hey, DGC!

So, I’ll soon be getting some HLG 320 XL V2 RSpec kits. Each heat sink will hold 3 QB288 V2 RSpec boards with the following LEDs:

272pcs Samsung LM301B Bin Diodes, 16 Osram SSL Deep Red

So, what does this 660nm spectrum actually do? It’s my understanding that it helps the plants go to sleep quicker, which is beneficial to their growth. But if I’m showering down this spectrum all the time, not just before night time, will the plants be confused thinking it’s time to sleep? I wouldn’t think so, but you see my confusion.

Also, does this spectrum have something to do with the Emerson effect I’ve heard about? Or is the Emerson effect the proper name for the process of that spectrum making the plants go to sleep quicker?