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What’s up Dude, Scotty & Guru,

First off, thank you for the awesome collective & community you’ve created.  Also, thank you to the DGC discord for all the help along the way (coach Steve, stoned trout bum, bluntly, and others).

This is my second run. The first went OK, but due to stress induced by me, the genetics did not reach their full potential and hermed. Still got a nice harvest, but was bummed by the seeds.

For my second run I took all the suggestions I could get, along with some fresh genetics and lots of input from the DGC. I ran 4 strains instead of 7 (way too many the first run). I also ran New Millennium’s full line after Scotty hooked it up via the Seed Grab (good lookin’ Scotty). Also, thanks to Jerin for hooking it up.  Here was my setup:

4X4 Amazon Tent

  • Ethos – Banana Daddy R1
  • 6 x 5 Gal Fabric Pots
  • Scrogged
  • RX Green Coco
  • 2x 240w Alibaba QBs
  • 1x 100w Spider Farmer SF1000
  • AC Infinity Fan
  • New Millennium Full Line

5X5 Amazon Tent

  • THC Seeds -French Cookies
  • LemonHoko – Q-Cosmos Dawg
  • MSNL – White Widow Skunk
  • 9x 5 gal Fabric Pots
  • Scrogged
  • 3x 240w Alibaba QBs
  • 1x 150w DIY Sunboard LEDs
  • AC Infinity Fan
  • New Millennium Full Line

I vegged for around 8 weeks, flipping to flower for a 10 weeks. Ran CO2 at low levels from wk 1 to wk 7. Flushed for 12 days.  By the end, the tents looked were filled to the brim with the dankest nug I’ve ever seen in person.  My wife also helped out tremendously, with labor and experience.  When I met her, she was blowing up her rental with 6 thowies.  Definitely a keeper.  Our first dates were me joining her in trim jail.  It was truly awesome to bond over a garden again, filled with this awesome plant.  Squeezed out around 1.5 grams per watt. Dried over 14 to 21 days around 62% RH and have been curing for around 2 months.  Most importantly, the final product was incredible quality and it was worth the work.

You guys are great and please keep doing what you’re doing.  You bring a lot of people joy who you’ve never even met.  Long live the DGC dudes!


  1. 4×4 Banana Daddy F-58
  2. 5×5 White Widow Skunk (far) French Cookies (middle) Q-Cosmos Dawg (foreground)
  3. Banana Daddy Cola
  4. White Widow Skunk Frostitute

*Heads-up… user name sounds like “Nuh-Blast-Ya-Nice”.  I felt bad when Dude was trying to figure out how to say it last time*