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Hey DGC, just wanted to share from deep in prohibition land. Im using a 8×10 Lifetime shed as my lung room with a single hose AC for cooling. The tent is a 3×3 AC Infinity with AC Infinity 4” filter/exhaust with controller and a 400 watt Optic LED. Total package all came in at under $800. Veg/autoflower grow is a cabinet grow I built with a 250 watt Viparspar LED WITH 4 inch exhaust and carbon filter setup. This was a $450 setup that works well for perpetual auto grows and a veg space for my photos. Using an 8×10 shed as lung room with a single hose AC works surprisingly well in 100+ Heat and high humidity. The trick to beating the heat is running the lights on at night and off during the day. Flowering tent cuts off before sunrise and veg/autoflower tent cuts off by 12PM and avoids the heat of day. If I can do it in a shed in the heat deep in prohibition land. It can be done by anyone! I appreciate the DGC and have learned a lot from this community. I am grateful I found y’all.