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I’m from Florida, so I have been seeing these toxic algae blooms since I was a kid. There was always that stinky green pond scum that would be by a discharge from a golf course, or a manicured community, and always within a stones throw of some glowing green turf! It took me studying how plants feed and how soil stores nutrients, until I started to understand the clear culprit is water soluble, non organic salt fertilizers. These fertilizers wash off your lawn like sea salt washes off your skin at the beach showers. I actually love the analogy of the soil being the skin of the Earth, because your skin can be an indicator of your overall health and I like to think our soils are indicators of the Earths health. Below is a story that talks about whats going on around my nursery in Florida.

I bring this up because we do have solutions for this type of fertilizer runoff pollution. It involves respecting nature, and adding microbes back to the soil so it replicates the natural living, native soils by building soil organic matter (humus). Soil organic matter is built when the plant grabs the CO2 and removes the C (carbon) and releases the o2 (2 parts of Oxygen!) I love soil organic matter because it takes co2 out of the air and bakes the carbon into a sugar using photosynthesis in the leaf, then sends that sugar down and out the roots as exudates to attract and feed the tiny bugs that  in exchange for the free sugar, deliver nutrients that feed the plant. It’s called symbiosis and its how plants and animals have coexisted in this world since the beginning of time. Its so strange that in the last 100 years we have used chemistry to “find a better way”. Its my opinion we have lost our way.

I would love the DGC’s input and lets start a discussion about what can be done to make this situation better. Please share any information, images or links in the comments section below.

Massive Toxic Algae Bloom Stinks Up Florida Towns