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What’s up DGC, new listener and supporter. Love you guys! I’m growing 5 auto flowers (2 jack herer, 2 Girl Scout cookie extreme, 1 gorilla glue all from ilgm). I’m in a 4×4 tent with an ac infinity fan, a 2000 watt and 1000 watt lights from king led. The girls are in 3 gallon fabric pots with pure coco. I feed them the full canna coco line of nutrients with a drain to waste system feeding daily. I have fans above and below the canopy along with a large dehumidifier. Temps are typically 78-82 and humidity is typically around 55%. I first saw some small rust spots during week 3 from sprout. I went to the local hydroponics store and they advised it was cal-mag deficiency. They gave me some calcarb to try as a foliar spray weekly. Well that cleared up the issue however now it’s back and more aggressive on more of the  fan leaves now. I might just be paranoid but I would like your opinions on what it is and how to best treat it. Lastly, it does not run off on my fingers if touched, it is flat on the leaves (not 3D), I looked under a microscope to see if there were any organisms moving and it could not identify any. Help!!!!!