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what’s up DGC my name is Christian but people call me Hersh, I live in San Francisco but currently I’m at my family’s vacation home that’s on a lake in Maine, I came here last February to get away from the Covid that was ravishing the Bay Area, My house here in Maine has a huge finished basement with a big empty utility room at the end so I set up shop, got a 5×9 gorilla tent, an HLG 550 and an Optic Led Slim 480 with the UV/IR boards and master controller  and started growing. I’ve been a member of the dgc  going on two years now possibly 3 can’t remember and I love it, I listen everyday and have learned so much, this is just such a great community, anyway I’ve got a problem with one of my plants, some of the leaves on the plant are turning like a rusty color and I don’t know why, it’s just one plant out of four, the rest are fine. What could be causing some of the leaves to turn rusty looking? The plant is in the corner right in front of the fan and I was wondering if the fan was doing it, and the worst leaves are actually closets to the fan, could that be doing it? I’m using Advanced Nutrients pH perfect Sensi Bloom and this is not what I normally use this is my fist time using it because I had to go Down to Long Island NY to my sisters for a week so I needed something that would keep the pH in my res ok for the week I was gone and I’ve been still using it since I got back and I switched to it a couple weeks before I left to make sure the transition went ok and everything was fine the plants showed no signs of stress or even any change whatsoever so I don’t know much about this nutrient line other than it keeps your ph balanced for a week and it did work when I got back my plants were perfect and showed signs of growth I was actually surprised how well it was working so I decided not to switch back to what I normally use which is Athena and everything has been good up till now in week 5 of flower I start seeing these leaves like this on the one plant, I also just turned the light up before I noticed this as well as raising the ec to 2.2 1100TDS 1540ppm from 1.8 900tds 1260 ppm so could it be burned by the light or nutrient burn from raising the ec, i dont know it doesn’t look like either to me but from some research I’ve done I read it possibly could be. IDK what do you all think, thanks for the help DGC, hope everyone is doing well!