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So a few shows back you “guys” at DGC where speaking to the topic of Broad mites and weather you thought it was possible to completely remove them from your grow medium. In that show Guru said in his opinion it would be best to remove the soil and start over. I’m wondering what your thoughts where on sterilization of coco coir that’s been effected by broad mites.  I recently Chopped down 10 x G.G.#4  due to broad mites in week 3 of veg. I was into my 2nd stage of Mainline when I noticed signs of mite activity so I checked under a 60x scope to confirm my fears. At this point I went straight to Insecticidal soap and gave my girls a pretty serious drenching of both the plant and the medium (Coco Coir/Perlite) then checked again under my 60x scope. I didn’t see any signs of the mites but I did see their eggs just waiting to hatch and wreak havoc so I made the choice to chop and reset my room but I didn’t want to reset just to have another infestation so since I knew I had the mites on the run with the soap drench I followed that up with a complete room bleach drench from top to bottom. My room has a drain so when I say drench I mean drench to the point of run off then I cranked up the heat to 125 and held it there for 5 hrs while I mixed up a 5% bleach water solution and added that to my Coco allowing it to soak over night. In the morning I took my 80 gallons of bleach soaked coco transferred that to a 50 gallon trash can with hundreds of holes drilled out and began to series of cold water drenches 8 in total. Once I was happy with that I added an inch of Diatomaceous Earth over the top of my Coco then did  a series of 180 degree water drenches. Through out this whole process I was taking deep core samples to check under a scope for signs of mites or their eggs. I then covered my coco and allowed it to retain that heat over night while I again attacked my grow room by epoxi coating the porous cement and turning my fans to high and my intake and exhaust off then released a cloud of Diatomaceous earth to work itself into every nook and cranny. Now that all of those steps are handled I’m popping some white widow seeds and putting them into the room to see if their infested. What do you give my odds?? lol