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Hey DGC:

In preparing/practicing to use Earth Pots, Hempy Buckets or Octopots in my next grow, I planted swine clones in some small plastic  sub irrigation planters.  They look really sad.  I usually uses living soil or Bio Bizz light mix, but went with Nectar for the Gods #4 mix.  For nutes I usually use Bio Bizz buy have been using some leftover Bio-Canna that I had left over.   My general questions are:

  1.  Is developing a clone with this method just not good?
  2. should I not be using organic nutes.  I went to clean out the base pot and the bio canna definitely smelled bad.  Maybe an air stone would help, or should I use synthetics?
  3. should I just try it with living soil and water?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.