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What’s up DGC! I am new to growing cannabis and indoor cultivation, and unfortunately I have some unhappy little babies.

All the water has just been straight tap water that has an undersink filter. The light is an hlg elite 360 kit I built and they are great people to deal with! The tent is 3x3x6 with the light as high as possible and turned down to about 50% power. The light is about 4ft above the plants currently.


I am growing Sunkiss from Irie Genetics (looking really rough) and Alien Sour Apple looking ok overall and not displaying the same issues. The cabinet that is referred to early in my notes is about a 2×4 cabinet left by the previous home owner with some fluorescent lights rigged in it. It worked fine for the sunkiss seedlings until it way cold outside and temps were stuck in the 60s. The area itslef is an old subbasement built into a hill face separate from the rest of the finished basement and has ambient temps staying in the mid to low 60s and humidity is the same.

Below are my daily notes I take as I observe my babies twice and sometimes 3 times a day as the schedule allows.

What a great date to start on!
3 sunkiss and 3 bagseed where placed in soil in solo cup with drainage holes drilled in (Kellogg organic plus potting mix with added 30% perlite)
Watered to runoff with mix of smoke water and recharge
Placed on cinder block inside veg cabinet with 20/4 cycle

Pots still moist nothing to do

Light watering to keep soil moist with smoke water/recharge mix that has been bubbled for 24hrs
Updated lighting to 24hrs on helps hold temps in mid 70s humidity mid 70s

Sunkiss #3 looks like it’s popped but stuck under soil, if it has not popped out by tonight I will try to help it out and re-moisten all pots checked this evening and all sunkiss have popped #2 and #3 needed help getting the seed shell off. No bagseed has popped yet, re-wet all pots temps and humidity staying in the mid 70s

All sunkiss have popped and producing first set of leaves. Watered all cups to run off, bag seed has not popped, have 4 more bag seeds soaking attempting to have at least 6 plants germinated to sex. two seeds have sunk to the bottom of the cup and have been planted in the same mix as above. Labeled bag seed 4 and bag seed 5

Sunkiss plants all doing well, forming first leaves after cotiledon and seem to be stretching a lot, #2 and #3 more than #1 I stacked bricks on top of the cinder block to get them closer to the light so they don’t get wispy. No sign of bag seeds popping, starting to consider popping the rest of the sunkiss to ensure a full run. Top dressed sunkiss with same mix as above to cover up the stem about 1/4 inch then watered in

Sunkiss has reacted well to being raised up no wilting or burn. Took bag seed #3 out of soil and gently popped seed open then re-buried it.

No progress on any bag seed going to pop 3 alien sour apple. Sunkiss looking good allowing the cups to dry out a bit more now to promote root growth. Planted 3 Alien sour apple seeds in same mix as all the rest watered in with smoke water and recharge. Added an earthworm each to the sunkiss.

No progress on bag seed. Sunkiss was fairly dry so watered them all in as well as bag seed cups. ASA was still moist so left that alone. First two leaves of sunkiss have not grown much, appears they are starting to push out new leaves. I will move them down 1 brick from the light as the stretch stoped but I’m worried they are just too close and stunting new growth.

All same on bag seed and ASA. Both are plenty moist. Sunkiss looking good, first leaf set is growing nicely looks like it will start to push second leaf set soon.

Sunkiss is looking good going to allow cups to dry out to encourage more root growth. Moistened the ASA cups should hopefully see germination soon. Moved everything into the tent. Kept light at the top and turned down to lowest power. All cups are at the bottom in saucers.

Plants are responding well to the new light so far. Temps still fluctuating from mid sixties to low seventies. As plants grow the light can be turned up from 50% to Max and lowered closer to the plants to create a warmer environment. Humidity is a concern getting routinely in the 80s now ad was at 92% when I opened the tent 10 minutes after lights on. Keeping the door open for a short period and opened vents in the tent to help exchange air moving forward. Going to really need my ventilation figured out soon. ASA #1 and #2 are popping out of the soil. Sunkiss 2 and 3 are clearly taller than 2. Overall 3 has been the happiest and 2 seems to display droopy leaves the most as 3 is generally praying. Still letting the cups dry as they feel plenty heavy and the second leaf set is clearly pushing up now.

ASA #1 and #2 have popped and pushing first leaf set. Look smaller more yellow and less vigorous than the sunkiss did but seem ok. Sunkiss looks good soil still moist, the high wood content really holds water. Temps are sticking btwn the mid sixties to low seventies need to figure out a way to warm up the root zones as I think it is slowing growth. Dropped the light a few inches and will begin to raise the plants closer to it.

All look strong, added just a bit of moisture to ASA #3. Sunkiss are starting to droop a lot. Temps in the tent are staying in the 60s now that it’s colder. Need to find a way to warm up the root zones and promote moisture uptake.

Lots of changes. Purchased a very small 250w space heater and raised up all the plants on a milk crate to get them closer to the light and hopefully a bit warmer. With the heater running the temps have staying around the high 70s to just around 80. Sunkiss are all drooping a bit drying out a bit more, possibly water later tonight. Watered in sunkiss 1,2,3

Not much change from yesterday hoping to see the plants perk up after watering and heater added.

Plants look about the same. Disposed of ASA 3 cup as seed was under attack by some sort of small worms. They were not seen in any other plant. Replanted a new seed and remarked ASA #3. Temps holding steady despite very cold outside.

Sunkiss #1 and #2 are still being little bitches purple stems all the way on 1 and most of the way on 2 q even has some in verigation. #3 has similar yellowing but no purple and the most turgid leaves consistently. Sunkiss seemed dried out already so watered them in with plain water only. Topped off the cups of ASA #1 and #2. Watered them in as well.

Moved all the sunkiss to bottom of tent and shaded them with a run off tray. Also turned the light down as much as possible worried it might be too much lifht. ASA looking good still.

Sunkiss looks the same so at least not worse. ASA looks fine, still no sign of the other seed popping. ASA #3 has popped and is just breaking above the soil. ASA 1 and 2 both looking good. Sunkiss 1 and 2 are just sad looking 3 is not that far behind. Soil is moist but not soaking, cotyledons look to be dying off.

ASA #3 is looking good cotyledons getting ready to open. ASA 1 and 2 look good but ASA 1 is developing a bit of a purple stem. Sunkiss 2 has burnt or possibly dying leaf tips. Temps have been around 81 and mid 50s humidity when checking in. Sunkiss 1 is still fully limp fist leaves. Sunkiss 3 has the most Green left in the first leaves and no burning . None of the sunkiss seem to have grown much at all.


Thanks for looking over what I have written and hopefully I can get this turned around!