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What’s up DGC, first time commenter!

I’ve been listening to the show for a couple months now love hearing all the mistakes I have made so far in my two going on three grows from you guys haha who knew you didn’t need a $500 R.O system to grow the dank. I’ve popped 3 fem’d seeds of killer cheese dawg by Canuck. They were looking super nice right off the hop now they are showing some yellowing/brown dots on the lower 2-3 nodes (think I’m using that right 🤷🏼‍♂️). These little lady’s are 5 week old & have only had light feedings of mineral nutrients along side some calcium & magnesium, not cal-mag lol. I’d like to amend my medium with some microbes once these thing get into there 5 gal final homes, was planning on adding kelp meal with worm castings to my hp pro mix but not sure if that’ll be enough along side my 3 part. Any input would be super appreciated from the Great White North 🇨🇦

Nutrients: Little’s Vitathrive Green planet .5ml/L. Big’s: Advanced nutrients 3 part 1-2ml/L & GH cal mag 1ml/L. Veg  2×4 tent, 300w viper spectra. Flower 4×4 tent, 2x600w phlizon (blurple)+ DYI PVC “85w” bar, venting out basement grow… still learning about Co2. Also attached my 4 Pink lemonade lady’s first week of flower !!