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Hey DGC. So about 10 days ago, the literal day I left for vacation, I noticed some spider mite damage on 2 leaves on 1 plant in the veg tent. Flipped the leaf over and sure enough there were a few hanging out. I panicked and hit the whole tent with a foliar combination of: wettable sulfur (full strength), Neem oil (half strength), and insect frass (full strength). Fast forward to yesterday; I’m back home scouting through the garden and it doesn’t look like the damage progressed while I was gone. I hit each plant with the same foilar once more just to be safe. My question is whether its safe to flip these girls to flower or if I should stay on the offensive? Overall the plants are super healthy otherwise. My flower room comes down in 3 days and I hate having it empty plus the plants have outgrown their veg space already. Thanks in advance to all who took the time to read this and answer.