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Howdy DGC! Hope you´re all doing great over there across the pond.

Im on my 3rd grow and it´s become one of my favorite hobbies, i even enjoy the growing more than the smoking. Last grow i used GHE 3-part on half dosage, tiny bit Flower Fuel and molasses with great success in both yield and taste, but this time i went for the complete Dyna Gro line (Silica, Foliage/Bloom, and Mag Pro) , i grow in 5ish gallon (19L) fabric pots with GOLD LABEL – “Special Mix Light” under 600W HPS in a 180x160cm (6×5?) room. I run the nutrients almost exactly after Dyna´s schedule. I know its a bad idea to do that, but learning by doing and not listening to endless discussions on forums is my approach this run.

The strain is KING KONG+  (King Kong x Critical +) according to the spanish breeder. Indica with 7-8 weeks flowering time. The plants have only been topped once, and trained every day with super-cropping and “hurting” of some of the stems during veg, they ended up looking super healthy and green with rock hard stems all over the plant. They smell and look amazing with frosting going on, except some tiny tip burns, which i expected. I dont water to run-off, but until i feel “they had enough” (approx 0.7 gallon) with dechlorinated (airstone) tap water between 5.8 – 6.8.  Followed by some dry time. Im now in week 5 but last week i had a feeling that there might be something going on (after hearing that Dyna´s BLOOM is unnecessary/overkill in PK) so i decided to check the run off, i ran 2 gallon 6.4 water through both, and PPM came out over 2000, pH at 5.7, skipped nutrients that week and just followed usual water schedule rest of the week, tried another flush two days ago, same amount, still over 2000, pH at 5.2 this time.

So my questions are:
– Should i just keep going with with water from here, even with 3 weeks left?
– Will the plants take up some of the built up salts if i continue with only water?
– Should i flush them even harder, and try some low amount Foliage (instead of bloom) and maybe some Mag Pro before final week flush?

Again, the plants doesn’t seem to take any damage from this buildup, yet. I also noticed a slightly yellowing on some sugar leaves on top bud. So it might be its missing some micro´s soon? I dunno. I will follow Guru from now on and have a max cap on my nutes @ 800ppm in the future 🙂 Thank you guys for great podcast, content and community! All the best from up north