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Yo! What’s up DGC
I’ve been using a mix of fox farm happy frog and ocean forest, primarily ocean forest but using happy frog to start.  With GH 6 part, Recharge weekly, and adding myco during transplants. I have been getting good results, but I want to maximize and Im looking to get more out of my soil and find a happy combo. I have been researching buildasoil, coast of Maine, and minerals to supplement the ocean forest. So much fucking information available it’s hard to know where to start.  I don’t care about being organic, because who gives a shit, I want my shit to just be dank regardless of the source and organic is bullshit. Anyway, instead of making my own mistakes, I’m interested in seeing what you all think?

Thanks for the help!

Photo posted is of a most recent grow for fun. Vintage Blueberry Freak from Shadowborn Genetics.  The wife thinks it smells just like blueberries, I smell meat hot sauce and onions almost like a garbage plate ( for those upstate ny peeps) so funky ha.